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CoreOS Tectonic is Certified Kubernetes

CoreOS Tectonic is Certified Kubernetes


Today CoreOS is pleased to announce that CoreOS Tectonic, our enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform, has passed the software conformance tests administered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to become one of the first fully Certified Kubernetes offerings on the market.

Certification means Tectonic customers can proceed with confidence. CoreOS has always been committed to delivering pure, upstream Kubernetes as part of our platform, rather than a fork or modified version. Customers can be doubly assured that the APIs they consume with Tectonic are portable to any environment that Kubernetes runs, whether it be bare metal, public clouds including AWS and Azure, private clouds, and more. Developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can assume that software running on Tectonic will behave as expected, just as it would on plain, upstream Kubernetes.

What's more, Tectonic customers benefit from the additional, enterprise-ready capabilities that CoreOS builds on top of Kubernetes. Features like our management console, support for enterprise identity and authentication systems, built-in monitoring, zero downtime automated updates, and automated operations all help ensure that a Tectonic customer's Kubernetes clusters are as secure, efficient, and easy to manage as they can be.

Tectonic customers benefit from more than just our world-class Certified Kubernetes platform, too. In September, we announced that we had joined the founding class of the CNCF's Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) program. Membership in this program means CoreOS engineers have been certified to meet customers' production and operational needs.

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If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and see what the CoreOS Tectonic Kubernetes platform has to offer, the easiest way is to try the Tectonic Sandbox, a unique testing and experimentation environment you can install on your own laptop. Simply download and run the installer for macOS, Windows, or Linux to start working with a fully fledged local Tectonic Kubernetes cluster, with no cloud credentials required.

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