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Quay Enterprise now supports Docker v2

Just one month after our Docker Registry v1/v2 support announcement for Quay Hosted, CoreOS is delighted to announce Quay Enterprise v1.14.0. This new release introduces Docker Registry v2 support and makes Quay Enterprise fully backward and forward compatible with both protocols, making Quay the easiest place to keep your containers. Push and pull your images securely with any version of Docker Engine (≥0.10) and enjoy the performance boost that registry v2 delivers.

Still want to use registry v1 for all or some of your Docker clients? We’ve got your back! It is also possible to configure Quay Enterprise to prevent specific versions (or ranges) from using v2.

Furthermore, Quay Enterprise’s user interface is now significantly faster thanks to HTTP/2 support.

Finally, numerous issues have been fixed around user, image and repository deletions, ACI volumes, builder failures, and minor interface corrections. We also enhanced several internal components in order to make Quay Enterprise an even more stable place for your production environment.

CoreOS and the Quay team wish you a wonderful holiday season!