Backup Options Config Guide

In etcd operator, we provide the following options to save cluster backups to:

  • Persistent Volume (PV) on GCE or AWS
  • S3 bucket on AWS

This docs talks about how to configure etcd operator to use these backup options.


By default, operator supports saving backup to PV on GCE. This is done by passing flag to operator, which is also the default value. This is essentially saving backups to an instance of GCE PD.


If running on AWS Kubernetes, pass the flag to operator. See AWS deployment. This is essentially saving backups on an instance of AWS EBS.

S3 on AWS

Saving backups to S3 is also supported. See the S3 backup deployment template on how to configure the operator to enable S3 backups. The following flags need to be passed to operator:

  • backup-aws-secret: The name of the kube secret object that stores the AWS credential file. The file name must be 'credentials'. Profile must be "default".
  • backup-aws-config: The name of the kube configmap object that stores the AWS config file. The file name must be 'config'.
  • backup-s3-bucket: The name of the S3 bucket to store backups in.

Both the secret and configmap objects must be created in the same namespace that the etcd-operator is running in.

For example, let's say we have aws credentials:

$ cat ~/.aws/credentials
aws_access_key_id = XXX
aws_secret_access_key = XXX

We create a secret "aws":

$ kubectl -n <namespace-name> create secret generic aws --from-file=$AWS_DIR/credentials

We have aws config:

$ cat ~/.aws/config
region = us-west-1

We create a configmap "aws":

$ kubectl -n <namespace-name> create configmap aws --from-file=$AWS_DIR/config

What we have:

  • a secret "aws";
  • a configmap "aws";
  • S3 bucket "etcd_backups";

We will start etcd operator with the following flags:

$ ./etcd-operator ... --backup-aws-secret=aws --backup-aws-config=aws --backup-s3-bucket=etcd_backups

Then we could start using S3 storage for backups. See spec examples on how to configure a cluster that uses an S3 bucket as its storage type.