Open Source Projects for Linux Containers

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Latest version of CoreOS Container Linux is 1248.1.0
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Popular open source projects for distributed apps:
Operating System
Consensus & Discovery
Container Engine
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Composable tools with clean integration points

Perfect for building minimal software appliances and powerful enough for large-scale container platforms.

Kubernetes + CoreOS platform for Businesses
  • Utilizes open-source projects in an opinionated way
  • Designed to address enterprise requirements
  • Includes a cluster management dashboard
  • Runs in the cloud and on-premises
CoreOS technology is trusted in production
Containers on CoreOS are powering ISE's high-throughput, low-latency financial exchange
ISE presenting at the Tectonic Summit

On the Linux side, everything in AWS is CoreOS. On the physical side, 20% is CoreOS, and growing.

We really look at that [CoreOS] number growing significantly over this next year. We did some of these benchmarks to see if our production trading systems could leverage this type of infrastructure, and it was highly successful for us, and we look forward to using it more in our other environments.

Robert Cornish
Paul Morgan
Systems Architect
Tectonic Summit 2016

Join us for the second annual Tectonic Summit, December 12th and 13th in NYC, to learn about enterprise Kubernetes from industry experts.

Tectonic Summit 2016
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