Self-Driving Container Infrastructure

With Container Linux and Kubernetes, CoreOS provides the key components to secure, simplify and automatically update your container infrastructure.

Get Tectonic for Kubernetes

Available for cloud and bare metal.

Free for use up to 10 nodes.

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Exploring Performance of etcd, Zookeeper and Consul Consistent Key-value Datastores
This blog post is the first in a series exploring the performance of three distributed, consistent key-value stores: etcd, Zookeeper, and Consul. The post is written by the...
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We secure and simplify deployment and management of your containers.

Secure, Simple, Current Kubernetes

Build, store and distribute containers

Enterprise support for Container Linux

We help you along your journey through container adoption.

Moving to the cloud

Containers package apps for easy deployment between environments

First app deployed

Container Linux is focused on simple, secure container deployments

Production apps at scale

Quay container registry builds and stores your microservice containers

Hybrid environments

Tectonic Kubernetes orchestrates containers across environments.

We are leaders and builders in the container and Kubernetes community.

Leading Kubernetes development

CoreOS commits more code and resources to modern infrastructure software than any other team.

We are producers, not just packagers

Open Source is in our DNA. We believe in the open community, contributing whole projects, code, and roadmap wherever we can.

We are trusted in production by world-class organizations.