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Tectonic: a complete container solution

Modern infrastructure means containers. Tectonic combines Kubernetes, the leading container management solution, with everything needed to run containers at scale. That means the best open source components, battle-tested security systems, and fully automated operations. Tectonic is enterprise Kubernetes.

Tectonic customers experience increased operational efficiency and developer productivity. This translates into cost savings, accelerated time to value, and a business enabled to innovate quickly. Tectonic also comes with 24/7 support from CoreOS engineers, the world’s leading container management and distributed systems experts.

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Tectonic Sandbox

Try Tectonic risk-free on your local machine.

Great for demos, exploring features, or just learning about Kubernetes. No credentials or server required.

Tectonic 10 Nodes

Run real workloads on Tectonic.

Deploy up to 10 nodes of Tectonic in development, test, or production environments for free.

Build and store your containers securely

Tectonic securely runs your containers at scale, and Quay by CoreOS securely stores your containers at scale.

Quay fits into your CI/CD pipeline as an image registry which builds, analyzes, and distributes your container images. Additionally, Quay adds secure image scanning, automated builds with GitHub, geo-replication and other industry leading features to your containerized stack.

Build your containers securely — anywhere and at any scale.
Quay Enterprise empowers you to run your image registry on premises or in the cloud, wherever your cluster lives.

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Quay Enterprise

Get started with your own private container registry.

Quay Enterprise is perfect when speed and security are essential. Start your 30-day trial, no credit card required

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system originating from Google. It manages distributed and containerized applications at massive scale.

Tell Kubernetes you want to run 100 instances of your app, and the platform takes care of virtually everything else. Kubernetes eliminates a lot of the complexity around distributed systems. The experience of running an app on three or 3,000 servers is the same. This is because time-consuming tasks like service discovery, networking, and many others are handled automatically.

Tectonic marries Kubernetes to the highest quality open source components. Its Kubernetes enriched with enterprise features like identity management, monitoring, and more.

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