About CoreOS

CoreOS is a part of Red Hat.

CoreOS was founded in 2013 with the mission to improve the security and reliability of the internet. The team built cloud native open source software and products to enable companies to run their applications securely and reliably in any environment.

Red Hat acquired CoreOS in early 2018 and later shared plans for the product and project integration.

We develop open source tools that are the fundamental building blocks of modern distributed systems. Our open source components continue to be freely used and developed to power cloud native distributed systems. Projects like etcd (distributed key-value store), Container Linux (lightweight container-centric OS), Kubernetes (container orchestrator), Prometheus (container monitoring system), and more continued to be developed by our team as a part of Red Hat, the largest open source software company in the world.

Get involved by contributing to one of our open source projects on GitHub or read about our road map to the future. Learn more about Red Hat OpenShift, the product succeeding Tectonic.