About CoreOS, Inc

CoreOS is Securing the Internet

Our mission is to improve the security and reliability of the internet. Operations teams currently spend their days fighting fires — critical updates, machine failures, networking outages — instead of moving their infrastructure forward.

The CoreOS team wants to enable companies to run their applications securely and reliably in any environment. We hope to dramatically improve the security of “the stack” while making advancements in modern server infrastructure. If you share this passion, join the team.

We are open source hackers, online civil liberty activists, making our efforts sustainable through commercial ventures.

Open Source

We think open source works best when it is treated like Linux or Apache httpd, basic infrastructure that we all share with very little direct commercial motives.

We want our open source components, things like etcd, rkt, flannel, and CoreOS Linux, to be freely used, even if by a competitor. To that end, we want to make sure CoreOS serves a single purpose for our users: the place for open source tools that are the fundamental building blocks of modern distributed systems.

CoreOS on GitHub

Commercial Products

Tectonic is a commercial distribution of the combined Kubernetes and CoreOS stack, from CoreOS, Inc.

Tectonic pre-packages all of the open source components required to build a Google-style infrastructure and adds additional commercial features, such as a management console, corporate SSO integration, and Quay, our enterprise ready container registry.

Explore Tectonic.com

Contact CoreOS

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Press Kit

For press inquiries, please contact us at press@coreos.com.

CoreOS logos and diagrams used on the website can be downloaded in our press kit.