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451 Research study reveals rapid adoption of Kubernetes for hybrid cloud infrastructure

Recently, we released a study conducted by technology research and advisory company 451 Research investigating containers adoption by enterprises across a range of industries. The study included responses from over 200 enterprise IT decision makers, mostly from large enterprises within the US, including CTO’s, VP’s, and directors of IT, IT Ops and DevOps.

The survey revealed that enterprises of all sizes are increasingly using containers, and many are deploying and managing their containerized workloads with orchestration software: 52% of companies indicated that they are running container management and orchestration software in production today, and many are using Kubernetes.

stage of containerization

Key Findings:

  • Kubernetes adoption: 71% of respondents indicated they are using Kubernetes to manage their container infrastructure
  • Primary Drivers: Hybrid cloud/cross-cloud integration and efficiency were underlined as primary drivers of container use

Driver of container use, by company size

  • Primary Hurdles: Security, complexity, and compliance and regulatory concerns were identified as the primary hurdles to container adoption. Training internal teams was identified as the top organizational challenge.
  • Scalability advantages: 90% of respondents believe there are scalability advantages of containers on Kubernetes or other container management and orchestration software when compared to other infrastructure frameworks like virtual machines.
  • Replacement: A majority of respondents think Kubernetes and other container management and orchestration software is sufficient to replace both private clouds and PaaS.

Read and review the analysis for more details on each result.

Acting on the results

“Our mission at CoreOS is to break the cycle of vendor lock-in by making the best open-source infrastructure management software available to our customers” - Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS.

Conversations with vendors, end users and investors reflect a consistent desire to avoid lock-in to any single cloud infrastructure. We provide automated cloud operations management, which enables hybrid cloud deployments.

The survey shows a clear desire for hybrid cloud deployments, driven by intensifying digital demands. The production figures for containers have doubled year-over-year, and based on the results of the survey, that growth is likely continue. However, the survey also shows that security and complexity are two of the largest concerns for enterprises who have adopted or are considering adopting containers. CoreOS will continue to address these concerns, as exemplified by our updated philosophy and operator projects, by collaborating with the open source community and with our customers.

Organizations are moving towards Kubernetes to containerize their deployments and maximize efficiency. The rapid innovation enabled by Kubernetes and container adoption provides a strong incentive for enterprises to join and contribute to open source software development. We are encouraged by the survey results and the impact they show this technology is having.

Learn more

Tune in to an on-demand webinar to hear Jay Lyman, principal analyst at 451 Research and author of the study, and I do a deep dive into the report.

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