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CoreOS etcd’s first commits happened some three and a half years ago, and a lot has changed since that initial version 0 of the etcd API. etcd version 3, introduced last summer, offers a streamlined, gRPC-based API and dramatic performance improvements over both competitive solutions and its own prior versions, while maintaining the distributed reliability and rolling upgrade capabilities that make etcd manageable in production.

Docker just released docker 1.12.6 with a fix for a vulnerability in RunC (CVE-2016-9962). The security advisory states:

CoreOS is back from the holidays and a successful Tectonic Summit! We’re kicking off the year with team members at conferences like ShmooCon, FOSDEM and Container World. Join us in making 2017 a great year for containers.

This was originally posted at Gopher Academy Advent 2016 blog series.

Intel's Clear Containers technology allows admins to benefit from the ease of container-based deployment without giving up the security of virtualization. For more than a year, rkt's KVM stage1 has supported VM-based container isolation, but we can build more advanced security features atop it.

At Tectonic Summit on Monday, we discussed the core premise of CoreOS: securing the internet and applying operational knowledge into software. We shared how CoreOS makes infrastructure run well and update itself automatically, from Container Linux by CoreOS, to CoreOS Tectonic – what we refer to as self-driving infrastructure.

One year of rkt 1.x: pods, Kubernetes, and OCI

Since the release of rkt 1.0 at the beginning of this year, the project has powered ahead with over 20 new stable versions on a regular release cycle. The goal of rkt has always been to provide a container engine that is not only reliable but also composable and standards-driven, allowing easy operation and integration with other best-in-class tools in the container ecosystem.

We started CoreOS with a mission to secure the internet. This is an intentionally audacious goal, but it is unquestionably necessary, as demonstrated by exploits threatening privacy, commerce, and government. It is also achievable.

Tectonic Summit is one week away! Join us for the premier enterprise Kubernetes event. We’ll have community leaders, analysts, and enterprise adopters speak about how Kubernetes is changing the infrastructure of the internet, is helping companies innovate and compete in today’s fast-paced environment and is saving enterprises money. We’ll have speakers from Major League Soccer, Ticketmaster, SAP, eBay, BNY Mellon, Planet Labs, Google, Intel, AWS and more!

At CoreOS, we are focused on translating years of engineering experience and knowledge into software for automation, security and simplicity. The path starts with containers and is even more important across distributed systems – the orchestration of the cluster with Kubernetes – to make infrastructure easier to manage while teams can focus on their applications. With CoreOS Tectonic 1.4.5, the latest release of the enterprise Kubernetes solution, we have advanced some of this work of our AWS installer to make it easier to manage Kubernetes and AWS.

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