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This week’s spotlight on CoreOS rkt, a secure container engine, explores how rkt can fetch and run Docker container images, and how you can take advantage of this to run containers from any Docker registry with rkt, without needing to rebuild or convert them manually.

Prometheus is an open source monitoring and alerting system. Its powerful query language used to retrieve time series data can also be employed when defining alerts. Alerts actively notify users of irregular system conditions, sending messages to a variety of integrations such as Slack or PagerDuty.

Today we celebrate two illustrious years of Quay at CoreOS. Quay, the secure container registry, enables developers and DevOps to build, distribute and deploy their Docker and rkt containers.

A look back at the container registry of choice

We launched Quay soon after the emergence of the Docker ecosystem.

Development on Ignition, CoreOS's machine provisioner, has continued apace since its public debut. Along with internal changes and fixes, Ignition has seen widening support in the CoreOS Linux operating system and associated tools.

Today we're excited to announce the release of version 1.3 of Tectonic, the infrastructure platform that enables enterprises to securely and reliably run containers with Kubernetes anywhere. Tectonic v1.3 incorporates several new features that address enterprise requirements for deploying application containers in production with Kubernetes.

Today we’re announcing a new training series from the engineers at CoreOS. Join us for classes on Kubernetes, containers, and CoreOS Linux. You can sign up today for public classes starting in September, or contact us to request a private class for your company.

This week’s spotlight on CoreOS rkt explores how rkt’s cryptographic image signing and verification works. This video will walk through creating a GPG keypair, signing an image with it, and using rkt to verify the image’s signature.

August is packed with events and meetups with CoreOS speakers, including OpenStack Silicon Valley and LinuxCon / ContainerCon in Toronto. We’re excited to show everyone the latest with rkt, Kubernetes, and CoreOS!

International Friendship day

Sunday, August 7th is International Friendship Day. This got us thinking about how Facebook has been so successful in connecting the world by friends sharing information.

CoreOS is devoted to making Kubernetes continuously better and easier, from installation to the long-term lifecycle management required for critical infrastructure. Working closely with other CNCF Kubernetes maintainers and the wider community, CoreOS is active throughout the Kubernetes code base.

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