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International Friendship day

Sunday, August 7th is International Friendship Day. This got us thinking about how Facebook has been so successful in connecting the world by friends sharing information.

CoreOS is devoted to making Kubernetes continuously better and easier, from installation to the long-term lifecycle management required for critical infrastructure. Working closely with other CNCF Kubernetes maintainers and the wider community, CoreOS is active throughout the Kubernetes code base.

We are dedicating the month of August to educating the container community on ways to use rkt, CoreOS’s secure container engine. The momentum with rkt has been great and we can’t thank the community enough for providing feedback, contributions and support as we develop a secure and composable container engine.

Monitoring is one of the pillars of successful infrastructure. It has been called the base of the hierarchy of reliability. Monitoring is a must have for responding to incidents, detecting and debugging systemic problems, planning for the future, and generally understanding your infrastructure.

Recently etcd v3.0 was released. This new version introduces a new v3 API that provides transactions, continuous event delivery, multi-versioned key-value storage, and more. Besides those features, the new etcd3 server delivers sustained high performance, as shown in various benchmarks.

Today Kubernetes, the production-grade container orchestration manager, celebrates its first birthday. At CoreOS we've been heavily involved with Kubernetes since well before v1.0, and we're thrilled to celebrate its success today. In the last few months, we have been contributing to a new area of Kubernetes that we're very excited about: cluster federation.

During the last three years at CoreOS, we've been building components and products focused on enabling businesses to run containers anywhere with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scalability. CoreOS is delivering what we like to call GIFEE: Google's Infrastructure for Everyone. Google pioneered container-based distributed infrastructure, and demonstrated both the value and the methods of deploying and running large-scale distributed systems.

We’ve had a busy few months of conferences, meetups and events! We just celebrated CoreOS’s third birthday (if you want to send us a birthday wish, share it here), and are planning to celebrate with Kubernetes on its birthday around the world in Seattle, New York, Berlin and more. Join us for a month of Kubernetes, etcd, and GIFEE.

Happy birthday CoreOS! Three years ago, we celebrated the first release of CoreOS Linux. Since then we have marked that as our overall company birthday – the CoreOS “epoch”.

Over the past few months, CoreOS has been diligently finalizing the etcd3 API beta, testing the system and working with users to make etcd even better. Today etcd v3.0.0, the distributed key value store developed by CoreOS, is available.

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