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Today we announced that is now part of the CoreOS family. If you are not familiar with, it is the first hosted private docker registry. In addition to continuing to invest in, we are launching the CoreOS Enterprise Registry based on Enterprise Registry is a solution for companies that want to run their own docker registry. Repo View


Enterprise Registry includes all the bells and whistles, including a rich UI, access control lists, and powerful tools for teams collaborating with containers. It is similar to GitHub Enterprise, in that CoreOS Enterprise Registry provides tools to group together teams within your organization, and assign permissions to them so they can work together securely. This all happens behind your firewall and within your datacenter.

For those of you that want to try it out, you can head over to and give the hosted version a shot. For the next 1000 users that sign up, we will be giving away six months of the “Yacht” plan, i.e. 20 free private docker repositories. We think you’ll be very impressed with what the team has built.

Finally, CoreOS could not be more proud to welcome our new team members, Jake Moshenko and Joseph Schorr. Jake and Joseph are a very talented team, whom initially worked together on the Google API platform before starting We are very happy to have them joining CoreOS and kicking off our New York City office.

If you are interested in learning more about Enterprise Registry,, or joining the team in NYC, please reach out to us at