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CoreOS Certification and Training

Update: We've updated a few aspects of our training program and the CoreOS Specialist certification is not offered at this time.

Today we are excited to bring you more opportunities to learn about CoreOS - both through the Linux Foundation’s Certification Program that was announced today and through in-person training courses.

CoreOS Certification

In partnership with the Linux Foundation, CoreOS is now offering an online certification class to become a CoreOS specialist. The online exam is a multiple choice exam designed to test your knowledge of CoreOS components, operating principles and troubleshooting. The CoreOS certification can be attempted with or without taking the CoreOS training course, and rewards you with tangible proof of your CoreOS expertise.

Trainings and Seminars

In addition to the certification, we also announced in-person training courses on CoreOS. Individuals can attend five day public training sessions, or work with the CoreOS training team to arrange a custom onsite session tailored to fit company-wide engineering team goals and questions. At the trainings, you’ll get one-on-one time with a CoreOS team member, an overview of installing, configuring, and managing CoreOS and all of its components, as well as the tools to begin deploying and managing applications at scale. The training will also prepare you to pass the CoreOS certification exam.