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A Look Back at Tectonic Summit

This past December, we held Tectonic Summit, the premier enterprise Kubernetes conference. It was a successful, sold-out showcase of self-driving infrastructure. With talks from Ticketmaster discussing their use of CoreOS Tectonic, Planet discussing their cloud native stack supporting tens of terabytes of data from space, Brendan Burns, one of the founders of Kubernetes, discussing the history of how Kubernetes came to be, and Al Gillen of IDC outlining the migration path of Kubernetes, Tectonic Summit took us to all layers of education about the future of cloud native computing. We've made all of these informative, forward-looking talks available on our website. Let’s take a look at the news from the conference, who attended, and what they learned.


Alex Polvi Keynote



At Tectonic Summit, we unveiled our plans to make Tectonic the engine of self-driving infrastructure. Running on Kubernetes and with a suite of operators, self-driving infrastructure automates your stack to keep it current and secure. It’s the next step in our mission to secure the internet, with automatic updates as a core component of that mission.


Alex Polvi unveils self-driving infrastructure at Tectonic Summit 2016

We welcomed attendees to the sold-out show from a variety of industries and a range of institutional roles. Engineers, architects, directors, analysts, vice presidents, and c-level attendees filled the audience.

Industry Demographics


They heard from some of the brightest in the Kubernetes ecosystem, and saw companies demonstrate how they’re benefitting from deploying Kubernetes in production. For example, Ticketmaster discussed their use of Tectonic as a competitive differentiator and how it helps them shorten their time to market.

And Brendan Bruns, one of the founders of Kubernetes, discussed the history of Kubernetes.

Al Gillen, Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source, at IDC outlined the migration path to Kubernetes.

These are just a few examples of the talks from Tectonic Summit. We want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our speakers, who were fantastic advocates for Kubernetes and distributed systems. You can watch the full list of talks too, now available on our website.

Last but not least, we want to thank our sponsors, without whose support this event would not have been possible. Thank you to Intel, our title sponsor, Google Cloud Platform and Tigera, our gold sponsors, Sysdig, VMware, Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean, our silver sponsors, and Packet, our bronze sponsor.

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