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Announcing new Enterprise features by CoreOS

We are pleased to introduce the newest features in’s enterprise offering. Delivered by CoreOS, is a private hosted and enterprise container registry, ideal for secure hosting of private docker and rkt repositories. New features include OpenStack support, various optimizations and a streamlined release process, which enable easier setup and management of the enterprise registry on premises.

In the New York City area? We invite you to the New York City CoreOS Meetup tonight, July 28, 6 p.m. ET at Work-Bench and we welcome you to come by and ask the team any questions. We’re also featuring Gabriel Monroy (@gabrtv), CTO of Engine Yard and creator of Deis, who will speak about Deis, Kubernetes and CoreOS. Eugene Yakubovich (@eyakubovich), software engineer and maintainer of flannel at CoreOS, will speak about what’s under the hood of Tectonic.

We are excited to continue delivering dynamic features requested in the container registry as both a standalone enterprise product and as a feature of Tectonic. Read on for more details on the new features.

Support for OpenStack Keystone and OpenStack Swift

One of the key features of Enterprise includes support for popular authentication and storage mechanisms, which reduces the initial setup time and complexity of integration for developer and operations teams.

Today we’re pleased to announce support for two key pieces of OpenStack: OpenStack Authentication (Keystone) and OpenStack Storage (Swift). Each can be selected in the Enterprise Setup Wizard, and be set up to provide authentication for users of the registry and/or storage for the underlying registry data. OpenStack support comes together with existing support in for auth (LDAP, JWT custom) and storage (S3, GCS, RADOS).

Streamlined Release Process

In order to improve customer communication, the team has been working to streamline a brand new release process. A changelog is now available in the Super User panel of the application. Every release in the changelog corresponds to a tag that can be pulled directly (i.e. docker pull

In addition to specific versions, the latest tag is still available to make retrieving the latest version easy and direct. For every release of the registry, there will also be a corresponding release for the build worker. By running a builder with the same version/tag as the registry, compatibility between the two can be verified. and rkt

We are dedicated to the continued development and support of rkt. Today CoreOS is a part of an industry group that is dedicated to the creation of a standard specification for containers, known as the Open Container Initiative (previously called Open Container Project).

The specification is collectively being worked on as an industry, and CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips is one of the maintainers. Once the specification is ready and fulfills the requirements of the most rigorous security and production environments we will plan to support the specification. Companies can continue to choose to securely host modern container runtime images, such as Docker or rkt repositories.

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Try out Enterprise or Hosted. And if you have questions, contact us or meet the Quay team in person at the New York CoreOS Meetup tonight!