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Tectonic 1.1 is here! Updated Kubernetes Support to Deploy, Manage and Secure your Containers

We are happy to announce the release of Tectonic version 1.1, making it even easier to take advantage of the software-defined infrastructure benefits of containers. Tectonic delivers the best of CoreOS with Kubernetes for deploying, managing and securing containers throughout the enterprise distributed computing stack. Major updates in Tectonic 1.1 include Kubernetes 1.1 support and log streaming through the graphical Tectonic Console. The release also delivers bug fixes and feature improvements in Tectonic Identity.

console streaming logs


Log streaming in the Tectonic Console

Log streaming allows cluster users and managers to view live log output from running containers and Tectonic components in the graphical Tectonic Console, with quick sorting facilities to empower rapid drill-downs to quickly identify, classify, and mediate application errors and issues.

With refinements throughout Tectonic components and formalization of the upgrade process, Tectonic is now easier to keep current and secure as new versions are released. While the upgrade process continues to expect administrator action to ensure proper configuration, the procedure has been formalized in the step-by-step Tectonic upgrade guides. These are designed to produce a supported, complete version 1.1 cluster through either an in-place upgrade, or a clean reinstall.

Request a demo or sign up for a trial of Tectonic Enterprise. With a fully supported stack for the enterprise, the CoreOS Tectonic team is by your side to get you set up for success with Google-style infrastructure.