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Announcing Tectonic Summit 2016 - Request your invite today

Today CoreOS is thrilled to announce the dates and location for the second annual Tectonic Summit, the invite-only event for enterprise Kubernetes.

Join cloud native, container and Kubernetes leaders for Tectonic Summit 2016 on December 12 and 13 at the Conrad Hotel in New York City.

Request your invite today

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Last year at Tectonic Summit we featured container stories from International Securities Exchange (ISE), Viacom, Google, CA Technologies, Verizon Labs, Goldman Sachs, Swisscom, Intel, Stripe, SoundCloud, Bank of America, Samsung Research America, Cisco and Spotify.

This year we will continue to take it up a notch to provide thought-provoking enterprise Kubernetes deployment stories, debates about return on investment, and discussions on the overall value these technologies provide by allowing organizations to focus on applications instead of machines.

Join us at Tectonic Summit

In its second year, Tectonic Summit 2016 is an invitation-only event for those interested in the business implications of adopting Kubernetes in the enterprise. If you are a leader in engineering, infrastructure, operations, DevOps, cloud, and/or an architect testing container management platforms, request your invite today to partake in the leadership event for enterprise Kubernetes.

What will Tectonic Summit attendees learn? Join the event to:

  • Hear firsthand accounts from enterprises scaling containers across their organizations and the results they have achieved to date.
  • Learn more about the technologies that allow companies to focus on application development instead of machine management.
  • Expand your knowledge of Linux containers and Kubernetes for enterprise-grade deployments.

Highlights from 2015

Last year we kicked off the first Tectonic Summit and together began to touch upon the extreme impact container technologies will have on our future of work. We learned about how companies are embracing Kubernetes and GIFEE from data center to cloud, and heard stories including about how finance is embracing "invisible infrastructure". We announced the industry's first Distributed Trusted Computing solution in Tectonic Enterprise, providing security through every layer of the stack. Recorded talks from 2015 share more about top enterprise container technology deployments and how these methods are transforming their business.

2016 will explore these concepts one year later: where Kubernetes is now a mainstay in the cloud-native stack. If you are interested in sponsoring, speaking or attending this exclusive event, send us a request today.