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App Container Spec One Week In

Last week we announced an initial version of the "App Container Spec", a proposed standard for building and running application containers, along with a prototype implementation called Rocket. The community's engagement with the specification this week has been highly productive, with people submitting numerous improvements and contributing feedback on a variety of topics ranging from crypto algorithms to DNS-based image discovery mechanisms. We had hoped to kick off a community effort to design the specification and it is already working beyond our expectations. With discussions starting on implementing the spec in Mesos, Docker, and Kubernetes, it is clear that there is an incredible level of interest in the community in developing this new container standard.

GitHub Organization

To keep the momentum going and ensure the project is a collaborative and community-driven effort, today we are pulling the App Container specs and tools out into a new GitHub organization called appc. We have also created a Google Group dedicated to discussion about the specification, appc-dev, and an IRC channel on Freenode, #appc. These changes should make it easier for you to get more actively involved or just more easily stay on top of changes to the specification. We are eagerly looking forward to bringing on more maintainers as new implementations of the spec emerge.

You can read more about the spec and its goals over on the new repository on GitHub.