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CoreOS and Mirantis are working together to deliver Tectonic on OpenStack

Tectonic and Mirantis

Today we are pleased to announce CoreOS is partnering with Mirantis to bring Tectonic to customers using OpenStack. The integration of Mirantis OpenStack, the OpenStack distribution that is easy to install and operate at scale, with Tectonic, the first commercial platform for Kubernetes 1.0, brings enterprise-grade support and manageability to anyone looking to combine the agility of OpenStack with the portability of Kubernetes and containers. With Tectonic by CoreOS named a first-class citizen on Mirantis OpenStack, it is even more accessible for companies running OpenStack to get started with the CoreOS stack and Kubernetes.

Mirantis is dedicated to openness like we are, which is why this partnership is a natural choice.

"Mirantis and CoreOS share a vision of helping DevOps teams create better software faster. Putting Kubernetes on top of OpenStack gives them flexibility in how they build their applications, letting them innovate quickly," said Mirantis CMO and co-founder, Boris Renski. "We are thrilled to be working with Google and CoreOS, and look forward to hearing more from them about how enterprises can leverage containers with OpenStack at OpenStack Silicon Valley."

Our goal is to enable customers to run their businesses with Google-like infrastructure. With Tectonic, companies are able to focus on an application-first methodology thanks to being backed with a consistent, container-based, distributed infrastructure experience across their deployment environment of choice, whether it is in the cloud or on bare metal.

How to get started with Tectonic on OpenStack

Tectonic, as a platform for OpenStack-based container management, will provide enterprise-grade support, ensuring stability from the infrastructure layer all the way to the container. Get started with the Tectonic Preview, with early-access to the Tectonic Console, the curated CoreOS stack and 24x7 support for Kubernetes from CoreOS engineers. With Tectonic, developers are empowered to rapidly deploy code on a shared cluster while operations teams are able to independently manage the machines without downtime.

The "core" of Tectonic (pun intended) is based on the same open source components of Kubernetes that you're familiar with today. Users who want to explore Kubernetes in a fully gratis open source environment are encouraged to follow our open source guides. Users who want the in-depth expertise of CoreOS on hand 24 hours a day to assist with troubleshooting and deployment will find the fully supported Tectonic Platform a great choice.

Be sure to check out Tectonic by CoreOS as a part of the Mirantis unlocked partner solutions.

Meet us at OpenStack Summit Silicon Valley

We invite you to join us at OpenStack Silicon Valley later this month to connect with Alex Polvi (@polvi), CEO of CoreOS. Hosted at the Computer History Museum, Alex will present Containers for the Enterprise: It's Not That Simple on August 26 at 11:35 a.m. PT.

At 11:55 a.m. PT, immediately following, Alex will join a deep-dive panel with Wall Street Journal technology reporter Shira Ovide (@ShiraOvide), James Staten, chief strategist of the cloud and enterprise division at Microsoft, as well as Craig McLuckie (@cmcluck), senior product manager at Google. They will discuss practical choices facing enterprises moving to an IT resource equipped to support software developers in their work to help their companies compete.