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CoreOS Now Available On Microsoft Azure

CoreOS available on Azure

This morning at the Microsoft Azure press event, Microsoft announced that CoreOS is now available as an image in the Azure Virtual Machines Gallery.

Launching a CoreOS Linux VM is as easy as logging into the Azure Virtual Machines Gallery, and selecting the CoreOS image. This initial release of CoreOS Linux on Microsoft Azure includes the latest version of CoreOS Linux from the CoreOS alpha channel and will reach stable over the coming weeks.

In addition to everything you need for running Docker containers out of the box, Azure customers running CoreOS can now leverage CoreOS’ distributed key/value store, etcd, to manage cluster state and configuration across an entire fleet of virtual machines. Azure customers also have access to CoreOS’ automatic software updates and patches, which means never having to spend time manually rolling out OS updates again.

The CoreOS team is really excited to be a part of Microsoft’s commitment to the adoption of open source technologies.

Read more on the Microsoft blog.

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