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Get Ready for CoreOS Fest 2016: Berlin

CoreOS Fest 2016 Banner

CoreOS Fest 2016 is going international.

Join us in May for the second annual CoreOS Fest in Germany this year. Taking place May 9 and 10 in Berlin at the bcc, CoreOS Fest brings together experts from all over the world to discuss container technologies, distributed systems and open source technologies to help take the industry to the next level in distributed computing. The event will gather 500+ developers, devops professionals and sysadmins together to explore the next steps in making container technologies successful and secure.

Early bird tickets are available until February 29 and are only €275, so snatch one up now before they are gone. After February 29, tickets will be available for €400 before going up to €500 on May 1.

Submit a Talk

We are now accepting speaking submissions for CoreOS Fest. We are interested in seeing your talks on distributed systems, Linux containers and open source software as it relates to CoreOS projects and our mission of securing the backend of the Internet through painless automatic updates. Interesting use cases with CoreOS Linux, etcd, rkt, flannel, Kubernetes, systemd and more are welcome.

Submit a talk here by February 29.

Interested in sponsoring? Contact us early to secure your branding and booth space with the CoreOS community!

At the previous CoreOS Fest, sponsors and speakers came from companies like Intel, Google, Red Hat, Salesforce, AWS, Chef, Mesosphere, Coinbase,, Cockroach Labs, ClusterHQ, Sysdig, Deis (Engine Yard), Project Calico (Metaswitch Networks) and more.

What about San Francisco?

As a tribute to our inaugural San Francisco event, we are planning a special viewing event with special talks and more for friends in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more updates.

We look forward to seeing you at CoreOS Fest 2016!