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Announcing CoreOS Fest 2017 Speakers and Schedule

CoreOS Fest 2017


We can’t believe that it’s less than 60 days until CoreOS Fest! This will be our third community conference, and each year the conference only gets better, with more interesting talks, exciting announcements, valuable conversations, and of course, vibrant parties.

Several weeks ago we announced the first round of keynotes for Fest. They will highlight the rise of the site reliability engineer; the evolution of Omega, Borg and Kubernetes; and how solar flares affect the internet, and are sure to be fascinating. Today we announce the schedule for the remainder of the entire show, the main track talks.

This year we had over twice the number of community submitted talks from last year, and three times more submissions than available slots. So first and foremost, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who submitted a talk. We appreciate all of the time and effort that went into drafting those proposals, and thank you for your willingness to share.

CoreOS Fest 2017 Tracks

Fest talks this year will be split up into three different tracks, focusing on how you run, build, and secure distributed applications. Attendees will leave CoreOS Fest with insights into how to use Kubernetes and CoreOS technologies to take them to the next level of computing. Highlights from these three tracks include:

Build: Architecting and developing apps for a containerized world

  • Understanding Performance Aspects of etcd and Raft, Hitoshi Mitake, Research Engineer, NTT Laboratories
  • Towards a Standard Containerized App Registry, Jimmy Zelinskie, Software Engineers, CoreOS
  • High-Availability Databases with etcd, Tess Rinearson, Software Engineer, Chain

Run: Running applications in a cloud native way

  • CoreOS Linux as a Desktop, Jessie Frazelle, Software Engineer, Google
  • Helm in a Handbasket, Michelle Noorali, Software Engineer, Deis
  • Provisioning a multi-cloud platform at Adobe, Frans Van Rooyen, Infrastructure Architect at Adobe

Secure: Securing next generation platforms

  • Google Security for Everyone Else, Paul Querna, CTO and co-founder, ScaleFT
  • Using Kubernetes in Hostile Networks, Bryan Richardson

A Look at our Process

The selection process was a very difficult one this year with so many excellent talks. In the first round of proposal reviews, we did a blind evaluation of abstracts. A committee of both Coreos and community members rated the abstracts on a 1 to 3 scale, without access to any identifying information about the submitter.

Next, we tallied the committee members’ scores, with the highest rated talks advancing automatically. Each committee member then was given access to the remaining list of talks with the accompanying submission info. They had the opportunity to sponsor 5 additional talks and were encouraged to keep in mind our goal to make the conference as inclusive as possible.

From there, the top scoring talks from the first round, and the recommended talks from the second round were submitted to the Fest leadership board who ultimately narrowed down the list to the talks on the schedule today. Thank you to CoreOS community member Ross Kukulinski for being part of our selection committee this year.

We are proud that our speaker lineup this year reflects the diversity in our community. A quarter of the talks will be given by women or ethnically diverse speakers. We have many experienced speakers, but also many first timers as well. Fest is an opportunity for all of us to come together to learn from each other. That experience can only improve as we include diverse perspectives.

Early Bird Pricing Ends April 26th

We’re in for two wonderful days of talks May 31st and June 1st at Pier 27 in San Francisco.

If you are attending DockerCon, RedHat Summit, OpenStack Summit or OSCON prior to CoreOS Fest, stop by the CoreOS booth to pick up a limited edition Fest pin that will entitle you to a special prize during Fest, and a coupon code for your ticket. Be sure to buy your ticket by April 26th so you don’t lose out on the early bird pricing. See you in just a few short weeks!