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CoreOS Fest: CoreOS Works with Intel, Project Calico, Packet, and StackPointCloud to extend GIFEE

Today CoreOS Fest kicked off with hundreds of experts in containers, distributed systems and Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else (GIFEE) discussing the future of distributed infrastructure and how together we are advancing the security of the Internet.

At CoreOS Fest, CoreOS announced a round of $28 million in Series B funding from leading venture capital firms to deploy, manage and secure containers anywhere. This round will fuel us going forward to deliver GIFEE. CoreOS will use this funding to develop our products, like Tectonic and Quay, and solutions both open source and commercial, as well as to hire for our teams in San Francisco, New York and Berlin.

Thanks to the community, partners, and friends for all of the work together with our CoreOS team and engineers to get us where we are today. We have grown and built a lot over the past year since CoreOS Fest 2015, and have driven all the components that are individually useful, and even more beneficial together, driving GIFEE forward. Today at CoreOS Fest 2016 we are sharing exciting news and partnerships across many open source projects that address the need for security, consistency and efficiency in infrastructure at scale.

CoreOS is working with the community to shape the delivery of GIFEE

We are joined by best-in-class partner companies across the stack in our mission to bring GIFEE style infrastructure to every business.

CoreOS and Intel bring GIFEE to the data center

Based on the recent collaboration announced with Intel, Das Kamhout, senior principal engineer/director of solutions engineering, Datacenter Group at Intel, is showing how Stackanetes brings the worlds of Kubernetes and OpenStack together. With Stackanetes, GIFEE is being brought to the OpenStack community and enterprises get the benefits of using a single platform for consistently managing both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and container workloads.

Today community members that want to dive into the code and learn about the work that has been done to date should visit the Stackanetes project on GitHub.

Project Calico and CoreOS deliver cloud-native networking with Canal

In collaboration with a new company called Tigera, formed by the team behind Project Calico, we are launching a community-driven initiative called Canal that aims to deliver the "best of breed" networking solution for the cloud-native stack. Canal unites and integrates the connectivity capabilities of flannel, developed by CoreOS, with the robust network policy management of Project Calico. This simplifies the networking layer for users by embedding security policy into the networking fabric. Tigera will oversee the Calico and flannel projects going forward.

Community members interested in learning more about the work that has been done to date, and participating in Canal, should visit

CoreOS, StackPointCloud, and Packet automate Trusted Computing enabled Kubernetes clusters

Today CoreOS, StackPointCloud, and bare-metal provider Packet will deliver the first infrastructure automation tool to build secure Kubernetes clusters with Distributed Trusted Computing (DTC) enabled by Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware. With this collaboration, customers will be able to:

  • Deploy Tectonic into Kubernetes in 3 steps with a web-based user interface
  • Manage the cluster using the native, built-in tooling of the Tectonic stack
  • Build secure, upstream Kubernetes clusters with or without DTC and with or without Tectonic

With CoreOS and StackPointCloud, it is easy to deploy Kubernetes on the public cloud, including AWS and Digital Ocean. With CoreOS and Packet, users can deploy Kubernetes in other environments, such as on-premises bare metal, and enable full end-to-end Trusted Computing to enable a cryptographic chain of trust from the hardware layer to the application container layer.

CoreOS Fest: Berlin and San Francisco

Thank you to all that are a part of the CoreOS community and celebrating GIFEE with us. We would not be here in celebration today if not for your continued support.