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CoreOS Just Got Easier to Try With Panamax

This is a guest post by Lucas Carlson, Head of CenturyLink Labs

Here at CenturyLink Labs, we help people learn how to adopt new technologies like Docker and CoreOS into their daily lives. This has given us a unique perspective on the Docker ecosystem because we are trying to stay on top of one of the fastest growing open-source projects in history.

After talking to tens of thousands of developers and ops people, we kept hearing the same thing over and over:

CoreOS and Docker is the most transformative technology we have seen in years, but it is still really really hard to get started.

TL;DR: Try Deploying a CoreOS App on Panamax in Minutes

What is Panamax?

Instead of just blogging and podcasting tutorials and interviews (we do that too), we decided to create an open-source project that made the setup and app-creation process for Docker and CoreOS way way easier.

We call it Panamax–Docker Management for Humans.

Panamax starts with a CoreOS installation and adds a few Panamax containers into the CoreOS system that provide a great UX where you can search the entire Docker Hub for any container you want and pull it into your CoreOS system and stitch it together with other containers.

The Panamax containers don’t get in your way, in fact they just run fleet commands for you but you can always go back and run fleetctl yourself and get under the hood. We just wanted to connect the dots and setup best practices so that to get started you wouldn’t need to spend weeks getting up to speed on new technology.

App Template Repository

The thing we are most excited about with Panamax are the application templates. It is like a Fig specification that can run on top of a clustered CoreOS. Here are just a few we created to seed the community: and people are building a bunch more right now for a contest we started here:

There are application templates for setting up CoreOS-based apps in one-click for:

  • Heroku Buildpacks
  • Minecraft
  • WordPress
  • Ghost
  • Drupal
  • GitLab
  • Magento
  • Shippable
  • Ngrok

And a bunch more. Most of these templates are built with 12-factor micro-services in mind so they combine multiple containers for you automatically and create the connections for you.

Build Your Own Apps on CoreOS

Panamax isn’t just for deploying pre-baked applications, it is also a web gui to help you create your own apps. In fact, if you create an app and contribute it by making a pull request back to the template repository before Tuesday August 26th, 2014, you can have a chance to win one of 30 new Mac Pros or 30 iPad Airs that CenturyLink is giving away to kick-start the Panamax community.

What Are You Waiting For?

Panamax runs on any cloud that supports CoreOS: Amazon, Rackspace, Google, CenturyLink Cloud and even your laptop. The install process on your Mac to try it couldn’t be easier if you have Homebrew installed already:

brew install && panamax init

If you are on Linux, check out the installation instructions on GitHub.

If you haven’t used CoreOS yet because you have been intimidated or not sure you were ready to make the commitment yet, now’s the time to give it a try. Panamax will get you up and running with CoreOS is just minutes. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!