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CoreOS Officially on Rackspace OnMetal Cloud Servers

Earlier this morning at Structure, Rackspace announced OnMetal, their API-driven, single-tenant infrastructure-as-a-service offering. We are excited to announce that CoreOS will be available at launch!

Rackspace OnMetal Cloud Servers is the first of its kind. Using OnMetal you create machine instances using OpenStack APIs but, instead of being provisioned a virtual machine, you are provisioned physical hardware. All of this happens with the speed and ease you’ve come to expect for cloud deployments - on demand.

If you are tracking upstream OpenStack you may have noticed commits related to CoreOS. The OpenStack Ironic project and CoreOS are key components of the technology making OnMetal possible. Rackspace’s continued development of OpenStack demonstrates their commitment to the open source community and we are grateful to be involved in such a fundamental shift in on-demand computing.

Once OnMetal is live, you'll be able to provision instances on Rackspace's OnMetal cloud and run CoreOS. This combination gives you the ease of spinning up machines with the click of a mouse, the security of running CoreOS with automatic updates, and the raw horsepower of running on bare metal.

The CoreOS and Rackspace teams have worked very closely to ensure that CoreOS and OnMetal are a solid combination and we are very excited to make this available to you.

If you happen to be at Structure today and have any questions about CoreOS on Rackspace OnMetal, stop by the Rackspace lounge area and ask for Redbeard or tweet at us @CoreOS. We are happy to answer any of your questions.