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CoreOS Vagrant Images

Our first vagrant images are ready to try. If you are new to vagrant checkout our Vagrant guide for install instructions. Already have vagrant? Then it is as simple as:

git clone
cd coreos-vagrant
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Thanks to @mitchellh (vagrant creator) for helping us get this going.

Please give it a shot and let us know how it goes! If you run into a bug, please file it in the github repo. Here are some getting started tips.

We think it'd be really cool to have multiple vagrant instances performing service disovery together via etcd (think: your own docker cloud distributed across laptops!). If this is something you'd want to help figure out, jump in #coreos on freenode!

Up next: We're testing CoreOS with a few companies on their physical servers. If that is interesting to you, please send me the output of these commands from servers that you'd like to test:

udevadm info --export-db
lspci -vv

Update: This only works on VirtualBox at the moment. We will add VMware soon.