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CoreOS and Redspread Join to Extend Kubernetes

Earlier today, we announced that Redspread has joined the CoreOS team. With their popular open source projects and upstream work in the Kubernetes community, we are thrilled to add their expertise to our growing team of Kubernetes practitioners and developers at CoreOS.

Over the past year, the movement towards a modern application infrastructure based on distributed containers has gained momentum and at this point is undeniable. We at CoreOS are genuinely excited that our mission to deliver GIFEE is coming to fruition.

But as the movement marches on, challenges arise as more and more enterprises adopt this new way of building and deploying business critical applications. One of the largest challenges is the management of a cluster of containers across teams and across environments. We believe Kubernetes is paramount to simplifying these challenges and ultimately ushering in the age of GIFEE. So, with the combined goal of enabling reproducible Kubernetes deployments and effective deployment workflows, Redspread joins CoreOS on the path to make Kubernetes and container orchestration approachable for everyone.

The Redspread team’s upstream work in the Kubernetes and Docker communities will add to the breadth of container expertise at CoreOS. Co-founders Mackenzie Burnett (Redspread CEO) and Dan Gillespie (Redspread CTO) have joined the CoreOS team where they have already contributed massive value and insight to our roadmap.

Together we continue the work with Redspread into the larger CoreOS organization and even more, with the upstream Kubernetes community. We will also incorporate Redspread’s Kubernetes development into the Tectonic toolchain, which will benefit enterprise-level Kubernetes.

The combination of the team and the tech is perfect. I couldn’t agree more with Mackenzie when she stated: “We joined CoreOS to continue working on what we’ve already accomplished at Redspread, with more resources and more context.” We too, gain great context.

More about Redspread: Making Kubernetes easy to version

Redspread will continue work on some important tooling at CoreOS, with even more context.

Redspread delivers an open source solution that allows organizations to easily deploy and manage distributed, containerized applications using Kubernetes. Redspread’s UI (and backend tooling) provides instant insight into environment parity across a complex cluster and allows you to easily address inconsistencies. These are key usability requirements for developers and operations professionals and are critical to every enterprise organization that is considering the transition to a modern application infrastructure.

Redspread will continue as a part of CoreOS on the path to make Kubernetes and container orchestration usable to everyone.

Tectonic to integrate Redspread tooling

Spread will continue to be a part of the CoreOS open source family. Work on making Kubernetes easy to consume will continue with both upstream Kubernetes and in Tectonic, the enterprise Kubernetes product delivered by CoreOS. If interested in Tectonic, a container management platform delivering enterprise-grade Kubernetes, and if you want to learn more from the Redspread team, join a webinar this November to learn more.

If you are interested in learning more about getting started with containers today, try Tectonic.

Join us on the journey to container management

This is a win for the community and for Kubernetes users as we come together on the goal to accelerate adoption and deliver upstream contributions that make Kubernetes accessible to all. As companies use Kubernetes in production, we invite you all to celebrate with us.


Q: What’s Redspread?
A: Redspread is the company founded by Mackenzie Burnett and Dan Gillespie behind open source projects like localkube and Spread.

Q: What does this mean for Kubernetes?
A: CoreOS, now with the Redspread team, will work to include Redspread’s projects and principles into the upstream Kubernetes project.

Q: What does this mean if I am a user of Redspread’s tool Spread?
A: The project will be moved to the CoreOS family and will continue to be developed.

Q: How does Redspread complement the CoreOS stack?
A: Redspread’s versioning technology, incorporated into Tectonic, will help teams backup clusters and maintain parity between different environments.

Q: When is this happening?
A: Immediately. Redspread has joined CoreOS and the projects will be moved under the CoreOS GitHub repos.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: The Redspread projects are being moved to the CoreOS GitHub repository - take a look, try them out, give us feedback, and contribute. Learn more about Redspread, Kubernetes work, and Tectonic by CoreOS and in a webinar coming up in November.