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CoreOS Image Now Available On DigitalOcean

2,000 of you voted for CoreOS on DigitalOcean and we're happy to report that it's arrived. Starting today, you can head to DigitalOcean, choose the CoreOS image, and start experimenting with containers and all CoreOS has to offer.

In fact, if you want to try out CoreOS on DigitalOcean, use this limited edition promo code, SFDOCOREOS25 (expires 9/12/2014) and receive a $25 credit to your DigitalOcean account.

The step by step guide can get you started with a single droplet.

CoreOS Channels

CoreOS is released into alpha, beta, and stable channels for each provider we support. Today, we’re releasing the first CoreOS alpha image for DigitalOcean at version 429.0.0. The first beta image will be available on DigitalOcean when an alpha image is upgraded to beta, which happens roughly every two weeks. The stable image will follow the same pattern.

If you’re interested in booting the alpha image today but would like to track the stable or beta channel for all future updates, you can switch your release channel very easily after boot.

Get Started with CoreOS on DigitalOcean

CoreOS is designed to run in clusters and is optimized for running containers. The init system for your cluster is fleet, a cluster-aware tool built on top of systemd. If you’re unfamiliar with systemd, it’s the next-generation init system being adopted by all of the major Linux distributions – Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, and more.

Here’s a collection of guides that will help you get started: