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etcd v0.1.0 release

etcd is ready for its first release! We just marked v0.1.0 and uploaded binaries for Linux and OSX.

These are the major features in this release:

  • Simple: curl'able user facing API (HTTP+JSON)
  • Secure: optional SSL client cert authentication
  • Fast: benchmarked 1000s of writes/s per instance
  • Reliable: properly distributed using Raft
  • Persistent: cluster failure is recoverable from disk

Check out the full etcd guide for details on what etcd is, how to setup clustering, configuring client cert authentication and more.


A number of people in the etcd community have helped out with this release: Several bugs were fixed by Fabrizio Milo, Cong Ding and many others others. Set commands were added to etcdctl by Emil Stenqvist.

etcd projects

A number of independent etcd projects have been started as well: A dynamic reverse proxy written in Go and built on top of the Go etcd client library was started by calavera. Three Ruby bindings have been created by iconara, jpfuentes2 and ranjib. And a Chef cookbook was written by spheromak.

Onward to v0.2.0

We are just getting started with this release and have started planning for v0.2.0. Some of the features we want to build include: TTLs on entire directories, improved log snapshot scheduling and client access control. Kick the tires on this release and join the discussion about the next version.