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etcd v0.1.2 with a new dashboard and bugfixes

This etcd release, v0.1.2, is putting some final polish on the 0.1 series of releases. The big feature is a new dashboard designed to visualize the latency of the followers in the network and give you the ability to browse and edit the keyspace. Checkout this Youtube video for details.

Latency Chart

Latency Chart

This chart shows the latency of the cluster from the master's point of view

Keyspace Browser

Adding a key

The key space browser lets you explore, modify, add and delete keys


And here is the the full list of changes:

  • New dashboard available at /etcd/mod/dashboard
  • Introduced /v1/stats/leader and /v1/stats/self endpoints
  • /v1/keys accepts PUT and POST
  • New community created libraries for Clojure, Java, Python, C
  • cross-origin resource sharing whitelist via the -cors flag
  • Systemd journal support
  • Several bug fixes related to timeouts, testAndSet, and more
  • Powershell build scripts were added
  • Instructions on contributing to etcd added to

v2 API Pre-Release

We will continue to merge bug fixes into the master branch for the 0.1 series. Most development work has shifted towards the 0.2 branch as we finalize the big pieces needed for the v2 API. This new API adds atomic sets based on index, improved handling of directories, and plenty of other fixes based on the communities feedback. We will have a pre-release version out soon so you can start working against the new API to make sure we get it right. All of the old clients should work too in the /v1/ namespace.

Getting Started

As always trying out etcd is as easy as downloading one of the binaries below and extracting it and then running:

./etcdctl set hello-world "This is my first key"
./etcdctl get hello-world

Binary releases: OSX 64-bit, Linux amd64

GitHub repo:

Thank you to all of the contributors in this release:

Andrew Hobden, AndyPook, Antonio Terreno, Brandon Philips, David Fisher, Deniz Adrian, Derek Chiang (Enchi Jiang), Diwaker Gupta, Evan, Fabrizio (Misto) Milo, Fatih Arslan, Geoff Hayes, Yifan Gu, Jose Plana, Michael Burns, Michael Marineau, Michael Stillwell, Rob Szumski, Roberto Aguilar, Theo Hultberg, Xiang Li, kelseyhightower