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Announcing CoreOS Fest 2017

Announcing CoreOS Fest 2017

We are happy to announce that the third annual CoreOS Fest is returning to San Francisco. Join us May 31st-June 1st at Pier 27 in San Francisco to be inspired by your peers across the CoreOS community. The conference brings together systems architects, DevOps engineers, Sysadmins, application developers, security engineers and more to learn about how to run, build and secure containers.

ATTEND: Register Now!

The early bird gets the worm (and by worm we mean discounted ticket), so be sure to grab yours before February 15th for $395. After this date, prices will go up. Registration is open now and available here.

Speak: Call for Papers

CoreOS Fest is a conference for the community by the community and we need your help to make it awesome! No matter your experience level, you have something of value to share. And this year we will have three tracks all focused on adoption of container technology and distributed systems. In this year's tracks we present talks that will help you run, build and secure your distributed applications.

Fest Track Table

Some typical talks include:

  • Stories and real examples of implementing and running distributed systems
  • Ways containers are being used and lessons learned
  • Application-first methodologies and practices
  • Illustrations of how you’ve applied of CoreOS open source components – CoreOS Container Linux, rkt, etcd, flannel, torus
  • And more!

If you are interested in being considered as a speaker, complete this form by March 3, 2017.

Exhibit: Become a Sponsor!

CoreOS Fest presents a unique opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds and experienced practitioners in container technology and distributed applications. The show brings together a vibrant community of over 800 application developers, devops professionals and security experts and as an exhibitor you will be included in this great group. Interested in sponsoring? Contact us early to secure your branding and booth space now!

At the previous CoreOS Fest, sponsors and speakers came from companies like Intel, Google, Red Hat, Salesforce, AWS, Huawei, SoundCloud, Chef, Coinbase,, Cockroach Labs, Sysdig, Deis, Tigera, Packet, Wercker and more.


Questions about registration or sponsorship? Email:

Questions about the CFP? Email:

See you in San Francisco!