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GIFEE: Bringing Security-minded Container Infrastructure to the Enterprise

During the last three years at CoreOS, we've been building components and products focused on enabling businesses to run containers anywhere with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scalability. CoreOS is delivering what we like to call GIFEE: Google's Infrastructure for Everyone. Google pioneered container-based distributed infrastructure, and demonstrated both the value and the methods of deploying and running large-scale distributed systems. Today there are application containers, container management systems, self-updating OSes, and distributed storage tools, as well as enterprise Kubernetes solutions like Tectonic that make it easier for enterprises to achieve flexible, secure, reliable infrastructure for running distributed applications. CoreOS has led the charge to make GIFEE's benefits widely available, and as we enter our fourth year, our customers, our partners, and the industry press are showing us they like the results.

Traditional vs. modern infrastructure

Traditional methods of running server infrastructure just can't provide the agility, scale, and speed required by modern businesses. Companies need to operate at web scale while easing management tasks to free dev and ops resources to focus on faster innovation. The modern datacenter should be a unified shared infrastructure. It includes automated service lifecycle management and agile feature delivery, powered by the modularity of a microservices architecture and the portability of application containers. Every company that builds or deploys software can benefit from running things more quickly, more safely, and more efficiently at scale. Until now it has been too complicated or expensive for operations teams to adopt these "cloud native" methods.

Just as public cloud services helped bring down costs, slow procurement barriers to entry for large-scale compute power, and accelerate the evolution of startups around the globe, today's container cluster infrastructure will drive new innovation by widening access to these powerful techniques. This is what energizes me every day, and why CoreOS is on a mission to help companies achieve GIFEE.

A whole new stack

Famously, one of the components that make GIFEE go is the application container. But the container is only one part of what makes GIFEE what it is. You also need a self-updating operating system to keep things secure, container management and cluster orchestration tools to automate deployment, and a distributed consensus system to keep things straight. The idea is to take these requirements, some of which have been historically or even academically challenging, and make their fulfillment trivial for enterprise ops teams. I can't wait to see what else we can make easy as more and more companies achieve GIFEE.

Developers can be freed to build innovative applications. Businesses can realize value by chopping time to market. Companies can develop more quickly and more robustly on standardized resources. Enterprises can squeeze the last drops of datacenter utilization and significantly cut costs. All this is enabled by GIFEE.

"GIFEE is a style of managing infrastructure where you can pull the plug on any server at any time, and the apps keep running -- the way hyperscale companies like Google operate, with infrastructures designed for maximum robustness, scalability, security and reliability."
– Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS


This is an incredibly important time for companies to adopt solutions on the path to container-enabled infrastructure. At CoreOS, we deliver Premium Managed Linux to help CoreOS Linux users get the maximum benefit from our self-updating OS. We deliver Quay Enterprise for companies to build, secure, store, and distribute their application containers. Companies looking for an enterprise Kubernetes solution can get started with Tectonic Enterprise, the full stack of CoreOS components, packaged for the container cluster, complete with Kubernetes orchestration.

As we celebrate three years of CoreOS, we invite you to join us on the journey to GIFEE. We look forward to helping companies achieve the benefits of this dynamic architecture in the years to come.

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Start your GIFEE and enterprise Kubernetes journey with Tectonic Starter.