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Guide to the CoreOS Fest 2017 Call for Speakers

CoreOS Fest San Francisco, coming up May 31 and June 1, is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to get those speaking proposals in! To help you in your proposal writing process, here’s a quick guide.

Your guide to submitting a talk to CoreOS Fest

What are the important dates to keep in mind?

For first consideration, be sure to submit your talk by March 3, 2017. We plan to notify speakers about the status of their submission by the end of March.

Where do I submit my proposal?

Fill out the CoreOS Fest CFP submission form:

What is the conference about? Which topics are most likely to be accepted?

We'll gather 800+ developers, devops professionals and sysadmins to celebrate and explore open source distributed systems. This year we’re focusing on three topic tracks: Run, Build, and Secure.

Run: This track will focus on how to run applications in a cloud native way. It is aimed towards DevOps specialists, system architects, and site reliability engineers. A talk that would fit into this track would be: “How my company scaled apps using Kubernetes.”

Build: In this track, talks will be centered around architecting and developing containerized applications. It is aimed at application developers and architects. An example talk might be “Containerizing legacy applications: My lift-and-shift story.”

Secure: Talks in this track will be about securing next generation platforms. Attendees of this track will most likely be system architects and security engineers. “Upgrading my datacenter with immutable infrastructure” would fall into this track.

If you’re unsure about which track to choose for your talk, worry not! We’re happy to consult with you about which would be the best fit. Want an idea of what worked well at previous events? Check out the agendas for our past events in 2015 and 2016.

May I submit more than one proposal?


What increases my chances of having my talk selected?

Talks that meet the following criteria are more likely to be accepted:

  • Talks that feature CoreOS projects, or cloud native and Kubernetes-related technologies.

  • Talks that have clear takeaways for the audience. Source code and/or live demos are a plus.

  • Talks that are not sales pitches.

Are there any perks for being a speaker?

You bet. Each speaker will receive a complimentary pass to the conference, an invitation to join the other awesome speakers at a special dinner, and limited edition speaker swag.

Hope to see you there!

CoreOS Fest is a wonderful conference because of you, our innovative community. We appreciate all of the thought and hard work that goes into submitting a proposal. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to

Want to make this our best Fest yet? Share with friends and colleagues. We’ve created a sample tweet, to make it easy.

See you at CoreOS Fest in May!