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What it's like to Intern with CoreOS

We’ve been very fortunate to have three incredible interns join us for the summer months – Sara and Ahmad at our San Francisco headquarters, and Quentin in our New York City office. Over the last 10 weeks, they’ve not only become integral contributors to our ever-evolving open source projects, but they’ve also become a part of the CoreOS family.

The Intern Program

Interns with CoreOS have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment that is shaping the future of infrastructure based on containers and distributed systems. Every intern works closely with a senior level employee that serves as their mentor and project team lead. With their guidance, our interns immediately begin contributing in ways that are not only meaningful to their overall career goals, but that are actively used by the CoreOS community – whether that be through open source or our proprietary products. This unique opportunity allows our interns to receive feedback from their mentors and the greater open source ecosystem. At CoreOS, our interns are regarded as full employees and participate in all company activities, from small team meetings, to all-hands meetings, to off-site adventures.

The 2015 Interns

This year’s interns came with diverse backgrounds and worked on different projects at CoreOS.

  • Ahmad (@Mohd_Ahmad17) is currently pursuing a doctorate in computer science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) working on system challenges with a focus on networking. While at CoreOS he worked on flannel, a virtual network for containers. You might recall seeing his blog post that introduced flannel 0.5.0 with AWS and GCE.
  • Quentin studied at Ecole Polytechnique de Tours in France. He is currently working on an independent security project with the team in NYC.
  • Sara (@qpezgi) is completing her bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She’s currently working on our OS team where she focuses on the loop device management utility.

Intern Week

We took the opportunity to honor our interns and thank them for all their hard work with the first-ever CoreOS Intern Week!

Quentin traveled to the CoreOS headquarters in SF on Monday morning and festivities were underway almost immediately. We kicked off intern week with a team lunch at one of our favorite local Thai food spots. Food, as it is customary in SF, played a big role in the week’s events. Later that week we also went to a BBQ joint, which has since been dubbed by Quentin as, “the best meal he’s had in America.”

coreos 2015 interns lunch
CoreOS 2015 Interns Lunch

Eating wasn’t all we did during Intern Week. Tuesday’s trip to the Peninsula and South Bay included a drive through the Google and Apple campuses, followed by an exclusive tour of a state-of-the-art data center. While we shopped for potential cabinet space, Sara, Ahmad and Quentin got to walk among enormous data halls, learn about cutting-edge data center design, and better understand where the world’s data “lives.”

After returning to SF, we decompressed in true CoreOS fashion – outdoor ping pong!

The culminating celebration of Intern Week was spent at the Academy of Sciences on Thursday, for NightLife. After a VIP cocktail hour and tour, we visited exhibits with live animals and attended a show at the planetarium. As a majority of the San Francisco team attended, it was an incredible showing of thanks to the interns for their time at CoreOS!

coreos interns at nightlife
Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

Could you be a future intern?

Every summer, thousands of students dedicate their time to internships. Many of them have the opportunity to work with big tech companies, like Apple, Google and Amazon. But a few lucky individuals take the path less traveled, and spend their time with a growing company like CoreOS. Our interns are an integral part of our company. They see their impact directly in the work they produce and in the projects to which they contribute. They are supported by their project team leads on a daily basis and form meaningful relationships with us all – including our executive team.

“My favorite thing about interning at CoreOS is the sheer vastness of topics I get to work on. I'm not confined or restricted at all when it comes to how I can contribute, and I’ve found I can help in a lot of ways. For instance, I reproduce user-reported bugs in CoreOS, and I also get to assist open source community members how to use CoreOS products and understand all the use cases of software I’m developing. I get to do literally everything.” - Sara

Are you looking to take the path less traveled? Are you passionate about open source and seeing your work make an impact? Then, reach out to us! Send your resume and cover letter to