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Your Journey to #GIFEE, An Option for Every Level

To help you achieve #GIFEE (Google's Infrastructure For Everyone Else), we now offer you various ways to experience Tectonic to match where you are on your journey to containerizing applications.

If you are just starting out and learning about Kubernetes and distributed systems we offer Tectonic Starter, if you have some experience and want to start testing Kubernetes and CoreOS in your own environment we have Tectonic Lab and if you are ready to start using Kubernetes and CoreOS in production we have Tectonic Enterprise. Please read more below so you can choose the plan best suited for you.

Tectonic Starter - Learn The Power of Kubernetes and CoreOS

If you are learning about distributed systems and want to see the power of Kubernetes and CoreOS firsthand, we now offer the Tectonic Starter plan. The Starter plan comes with free access to the Tectonic Console, so you can experience the power of a containerized infrastructure through Tectonic's user friendly dashboard.

You'll install Kubernetes on one of the supported platforms (Vagrant, AWS, or Bare Metal) to connect all the pieces in an open and lightweight environment to start learning quickly. If you are interested in completing your stack we offer an easy way for you to sign up for, which can automate, build and store your containers based on code commits and new pull requests.

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Tectonic Lab - A Supported Test Cluster

If you already feel confident with the basics of containers, and are ready to conduct tests on-premises or in your existing cloud infrastructure, the Tectonic Lab plan is for you. The Lab plan is perfect for an environment up to 10 servers. You'll get access to Standard Support, Quay Enterprise (our on-cluster image registry), and the Tectonic Console too.

To ensure your tests go well, we will provide email support to answer questions and provide guidance for running the entire stack on Bare Metal and AWS.

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Tectonic Enterprise - For Production Workloads

For those ready to deploy applications into production, the Enterprise plan contains everything needed to run a secure production workload that will scale easily with your needs. It's the full CoreOS stack coupled with Kubernetes, Tectonic Identity, and our enhancements to maintain and protect your infrastructure.

Our newest security-minded feature is Distributed Trusted Computing, which allows your team to cryptographically verify the integrity of their entire environment, from hardware to the distributed cluster. With this and our Premium support, the Enterprise Plan is private, secure and fully supported.

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Please contact sales for more information.

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