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Official CloudFormation and kube-aws tool for installing Kubernetes on AWS

Official installation of Kubernetes on CoreOS and AWS

As we head into AWS re:Invent next week, we are making it one step easier to use Kubernetes on AWS. We are releasing an official CloudFormation for launching Kubernetes on AWS, as well as kube-aws, a tool that assists in automating your cluster deployment and makes it easy to configure end-user tools like kubectl. This cluster setup is subject to regular conformance testing and is officially supported via Tectonic.

Some of the AWS specific setup includes:

  • ELB integration for Kubernetes Services allows for traffic ingress to selected microservices
  • Worker machines are deployed in an Auto Scaling group for effortless scaling
  • Full TLS is set up between Kubernetes components and users interacting with kubectl

Coming Soon:

  • Utilize VPC advanced networking for a more performant pod network
  • Mount EBS volumes into a pod for persistent storage

See official CoreOS documentation for full details.

Join us at AWS re:Invent, booth #1449, to see Kubernetes on AWS first hand and talk to us more about Kubernetes, CoreOS, rkt, flannel, fleet and more.

If you are interested in using Tectonic, we are currently in Tectonic Preview, and today are releasing an official Tectonic AWS Installer. The Preview is available free of cost until general availability.