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CoreOS Tectonic brings enterprise Kubernetes to Microsoft Azure

CoreOS Tectonic and Microsoft Azure blog topper Cloud and containerized infrastructure have transformed the way enterprises deploy IT workloads, and Kubernetes has emerged as a leading orchestration tool for application containers. That's why we're thrilled to announce that CoreOS and Microsoft have partnered to bring CoreOS Tectonic, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes solution, to Microsoft Azure.

With the release of Tectonic 1.7.1 today, Tectonic is generally available on Azure, giving customers the choice to run production Kubernetes workloads on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes

Azure is a great home for Kubernetes. Earlier this year, Microsoft joined CoreOS as a platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which oversees the Kubernetes open source project. Microsoft has been contributing code to Kubernetes, among other CNCF projects, and Microsoft engineering manager and architect Brendan Burns is one of the Kubernetes project's maintainers.

CoreOS has been working closely with the Microsoft team to ensure that Tectonic offers a solid Kubernetes experience on Azure. In a recent conversation Gabe Monroy, lead product manager, containers, at Microsoft Azure, shared with us, "Microsoft wants to make Azure the most open and flexible cloud platform. We’re thrilled that with Tectonic on Azure, customers can get upstream Kubernetes, coupled with unique, enterprise-ready features provided by CoreOS. As part of making Microsoft the most open and flexible cloud, we also want to enable enterprises to run workloads seamlessly across on-premises and public cloud environments. The fact that Tectonic runs on Azure and bare metal, enabling organizations to leverage hybrid scenarios, is very much in line with our strategy."

Tectonic delivers automated operations including one-click updates, allowing you to easily maintain your Kubernetes infrastructure while you focus IT time and resources on revenue-generating tasks that create value for your business. Monitoring functions powered by Prometheus give you powerful insight into your infrastructure to help you drive greater resource efficiency and lower costs.

What's more, Tectonic's world-class security features – including support for LDAP, RBAC, and SAML – mean you can sleep soundly knowing you've chosen the most secure way of running Kubernetes.

Try Tectonic on Azure Today

CoreOS and Microsoft couldn't be more thrilled to have teamed up to bring the power of enterprise-ready Kubernetes to one of the world's most robust and high-performance clouds. You can get started with Tectonic on Azure today and deploy a cluster with up to 10 nodes for free. We've even created this handy guide to help get you up and running.

Even better, while Tectonic runs well on Azure, it also makes hybrid, multi-cloud scenarios possible. According to a recent study by cloud management provider RightScale, 85 percent of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy. Because Tectonic runs across leading clouds and bare metal, teams across your organization can deploy it with confidence that they'll have a consistent way to deliver applications across the clouds or data centers of their choice.