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Try Kubernetes 1.6.7 the CoreOS Way

CoreOS released version 1.6.7 of the Tectonic enterprise ready Kubernetes platform today. This automatic update is immediately available for clusters running Tectonic 1.6.x, or downloadable with a free license for investigating new deployments.

An incremental release along the 1.6.x series, Tectonic 1.6.7 delivers a dose of architectural security features and UI improvements, including sortable columns throughout Tectonic Console. In preparation for the imminent 1.7 release, Tectonic 1.6.7 enables one-click updates for all users – the characteristic CoreOS automatic update Operators for the Container Linux Operating System on cluster nodes, for Kubernetes core components, and for the Tectonic cluster management layer itself. Tectonic 1.6.7 is an important step along the path to out of the box automated operations for your infrastructure.

Enhanced security with etcd TLS encryption

The latest Tectonic release adds key security features. TLS encryption and authentication now protect the cluster’s connection to the etcd service that keeps cluster and workload configuration available, consistent, and now, more secure.

Certificates for etcd are automatically generated through the installer user interface and command line install methods.

Kubernetes 1.6.7

Of course, in line with the Tectonic release policy, one of the key features of Tectonic 1.6.7 — officially v1.6.7-tectonic.1 — is Kubernetes version 1.6.7. As a distribution of pure upstream Kubernetes, Tectonic tracks and is numbered according to the latest supported, tested Kubernetes upstream release. In fact, Kubernetes 1.6.7 was released just this week.

Try Tectonic 1.6.7 today

If you’re already running Tectonic 1.6.x, there is a push-button upgrade path to the latest version 1.6.7. Check Tectonic Console, under Administration -> Cluster Settings.

Join our weekly live demos on Wednesdays to learn more about this release and the enterprise-ready features of Tectonic.

Cluster settings in the Tectonic console
Tectonic, Kubernetes, and Container Linux update settings in the Console

If you’re setting up a new cluster, visit CoreOS Tectonic to download the 1.6.7 installer along with a license free for testing and small deployments under 10 nodes. As your deployment progresses, check out our 24/7 expert support options and chat with our team about opportunities for your organization. Along with commercial support offerings, nearly every component of a Tectonic deployment, from the flagship auto-updating Container Linux compute node operating system to Tectonic Installer itself, is open source, and we welcome issue reports, suggestions, and pull requests.