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Kubernetes turns two: a look at the numbers from this past year

Kubernetes turns two this month, and there is so much to celebrate! Kubernetes is meeting the critical business needs of some of the world’s largest organizations, and the rate of adoption over the last year has affirmed CoreOS’s commitment to this groundbreaking project. As the creators of the Tectonic enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution, CoreOS knows none of this would be possible without the upstream community. We’re proud to see the ranks of the Kubernetes community swell by so many talented and passionate people who help drive the project forward. CoreOS works alongside this vibrant group to create Tectonic, the enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform.

Let’s look at the past year in numbers to get an overview of the monumental achievements of the Kubernetes ecosystem:

Kubernetes 2 Year Infographic


Celebrate the Kubernetes Second birthday

The Kubernetes community has made amazing strides in the last twelve months, and we’re looking forward to yet another year of innovation and collaboration. If you’re passionate about the work going on in Kubernetes, consider joining us as a full-time upstream contributor in any of our offices or remote!

Come celebrate Kubernetes birthday with us! We’re hosting parties in New York and San Francisco, but if you happen to be celebrating elsewhere, share your favorite stats, photos, and moments on social media with the #K8sbday hashtag.

Learn more about Kubernetes

Want to learn more about Kubernetes? Download our Kubernetes Primer for an introductory guide to the leading container orchestration platform.

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