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August spotlight: Learn about rkt, the container engine by CoreOS

We are dedicating the month of August to educating the container community on ways to use rkt, CoreOS’s secure container engine. The momentum with rkt has been great and we can’t thank the community enough for providing feedback, contributions and support as we develop a secure and composable container engine.

We’ll be releasing a screencast regularly for you to learn something new about rkt. Today’s screencast is about using the Kubernetes kubelet inside of rkt. Running the kubelet from a container image is useful to ease upgrades, and give users flexibility to roll forward and back between versions.

This screencast by CoreOS walks through why and how to run the Kubernetes node agent, called the kubelet, inside of a rkt container.

Stay tuned on the rkt-dev mailing list, here on the CoreOS blog, and on our Twitter @CoreOS, for a new rkt tutorial each week. Next week we will take a look at rkt’s image signing and verification.