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Today, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) announced a successful vote to start a new project called distribution-spec. This project is focused on working towards a specification for distribution of OCI container images. Red Hat has been involved with and supports this as a member of OCI, and Red Hat believes this will benefit the Linux container community at large as well as many of Red Hat’s products and projects.

Pluggability is part of the success story of Kubernetes, and as a community we have ensured that many layers – including storage, networking, and schedulers – can be replaced and improved without changing the Kubernetes user experience. Earlier this year, the Kubernetes project created an API called the Container Runtime Interface (CRI) to make the way a container is run on Kubernetes pluggable.

After two years of work with major stakeholders in the community, we’re excited to announce that the Open Container Initiative (OCI) image and runtime specifications have now hit version 1.0. This means there is now a stable industry standard for application containers that has been created and approved by leaders in the container industry. This is an important milestone for the OCI community, and we look forward to working with our partners to further facilitate standards and innovation.

Today we are celebrating the start of the new Open Container Initiative project, the OCI Image Specification. This means there is an industry-backed project under the OCI with a strong technical community of industry maintainers to standardize how container images are built, verified, signed, and named.

At CoreOS, we believe strongly that open standards are key to the success of the container ecosystem. We are excited about the amount of work going into standards and foundations around containers and cloud native computing, including today’s announcement of the Open Container Initiative’s (OCI) formalized technical governance structure.

We are pleased to introduce the newest features in’s enterprise offering. Delivered by CoreOS, is a private hosted and enterprise container registry, ideal for secure hosting of private docker and rkt repositories. New features include OpenStack support, various optimizations and a streamlined release process, which enable easier setup and management of the enterprise registry on premises.

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