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OpenStack, VMware and KVM images available

We just uploaded images for OpenStack, VMware and KVM to make it easy for more of you to be involved in the CoreOS developer alpha. These images come fresh from our build system and we would love your feedback on what is working and what isn't.


We have been testing under VMware Fusion but these images should work under other VMware products too. If you give it a go on ESXi or another VMware platform let us know! The docs for this image are available over here.

A new Vagrant box with VMware support has been uploaded too. If you are using Hashicorp's VMware provider you can enjoy the speed and stability of vmware+vagrant by following our updated vagrant docs.


QEMU/KVM is Linux's workhorse full virtualization tool and is used on desktops and servers. CoreOS has been booting on QEM/KVM since the start but the production images we uploaded today includes tools to easily add your ssh public keys without mounting the image and futzing around with the filesystem. To get started with KVM checkout the docs here.


OpenStack is an open source cloud platform that can be used on top of a variety of hypervisors. It has alot of flexibililty and we might have missed things in this first release. So, boot CoreOS up and let us know if we support your stack. Details and links in the OpenStack Guide.


We want to make it easy for every developer to get involved in the CoreOS alpha and we will be making more images available soon. If the platform you want CoreOS on isn't currently supported let us know!

And if you have feedback or questions about these new image types join our IRC channel or send an email to the mailing list.