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Quay Support for Docker V2 and V1

In our effort to make Quay the easiest place to host your containers, Quay is happy to announce support for the Docker V2 registry protocol, while maintaining full backward and forward compatibility with the existing V1 protocol. Starting today Docker is deprecating push support of clients 1.5 and earlier in Docker Hub, yet rest assured that your existing images will remain fully accessible in Quay, to both old and new versions of Docker.

With today’s announcement, you will be able to use both old and new clients on all of our images, despite the format used when the image was pushed. New versions of Docker will benefit from a performance boost when pulling or pushing.

Use any Image Format with Quay

In the spirit of openness, we want Quay to be your home for any type of image, whether it is Docker V1 or V2, rkt, appc, or another container format.

Take advantage of the bidirectional support by moving your V1 container images from Docker Hub to Quay, which will allow you to keep using older Docker clients (v0.10+ supported) without issue. First, register a new account and follow this process for each container:

$ docker pull username/container 
$ docker tag username/container 
$ docker push

Quay Enterprise users will gain support for Docker V2 in the next major release.

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