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Official CoreOS Meetup in San Francisco June 3rd, 2014

Join us for our first CoreOS meetup Tuesday, June 3rd at the San Francisco Geekdom meeting space. Come with your questions queued up and ready to learn as we'll be hosting two separate presentations geared at both beginners and advanced users.

Anatomy of a CoreOS update, a look behind the curtain of your update process

Brian Harrington

CoreOS is a self-updating operating system, but someone produces these updates. We will take some time to discuss the Omaha protocol, what an update does when it's downloaded and applied, the benefit of keeping a locksmith on hand, and why you can trust a third party with your data.

Orchestrating the fleet, how a systemd unit achieves resilience

Brian Waldon

Fleet is a distributed init toolkit for building resilient systemd units. We'll take the time to show you both the ways these processes are resillient (and not), scheduling units across your cluster, and the road ahead for managing your fleet of containers.

After the main presentations members of the team will be available for birds of a feather sessions to discuss etcd, fleet, and the operating system. This is a great chance to learn what others are doing and get realtime feedback.

Make sure you RSVP here as space is limited.