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Continued: Journal durability for the impatient

In this second post of our series on making systemd's journald more efficient, we take a close look at journald's mmap() usage. Check out Part 1 of the journald performance post if you missed it, or need a refresher.

Development on Ignition, CoreOS's machine provisioner, has continued apace since its public debut. Along with internal changes and fixes, Ignition has seen widening support in the CoreOS Linux operating system and associated tools.

We talked with Lennart Poettering, creator of the systemd project, to hear the story of the origins of systemd, how it works in the world of containers and what can be expected in the future.

CoreOS will be at the systemd.conf in Germany this November. CTO Brandon Philips and software developers Alex Crawford and Jonathan Boulle will all speak on various aspects of systemd and containers. Meet us and Lennart there!

“What makes a cluster a cluster?” - Ask that question of 10 different engineers and you’ll get 10 different answers. Some look at it from a hardware perspective, some see it as a particular set of cloud technologies, and some say it’s the protocols exchanging information on the network.

Today I'd like to introduce our latest project, fleet. fleet builds on etcd and systemd to provide a distributed, fault-tolerant platform for deploying applications on CoreOS clusters.

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