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Tectonic 1.8 and the Open Cloud Services Catalog are now available

Tectonic 1.8 logo image

Today we're proud to announce Tectonic 1.8, the latest release of our enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform, is now available. This version, which we announced ahead of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America earlier this month, is the first to ship with a catalog of industry-first Open Cloud Services that enable users to deploy key infrastructure components with the ease of managed cloud vendor offerings but without cloud vendor lock-in.

The first three offerings in the CoreOS Tectonic Open Cloud Service Catalog are based on etcd, Prometheus, and Vault. You can learn more about what each of these services delivers in our previous blog post, and we'll dive into each of them in separate posts soon. What all Open Cloud Services share in common, though, is that they automate key operational tasks such as security updates, scaling and handling failover, making backups, and so on, allowing users to concentrate their focus on managing their applications and not the infrastructure they run on.

These powerful services are the latest building blocks in the complete Tectonic platform, which combines pure, upstream open source Kubernetes with features like authentication and authorization, monitoring and alerting, and ease of installation and management. For more information on what's new with Tectonic 1.8, check out the release notes.

Diagram of the CoreOS Tectonic software stack
Tectonic is the full-stack, integrated Kubernetes platform for enterprise deployments.

You can start working with Tectonic 1.8 and Open Cloud Services today by deploying a cluster of up to 10 nodes, free of charge for development, testing, or production use.

Current Tectonic users get the benefit of rolling, zero-downtime upgrades and automatic operations with the ability to update from Tectonic 1.7 to Tectonic 1.8 with a single click from the Tectonic Console.

If you'd like to learn more, you can sign up for a free webinar hosted by CoreOS's Rob Szumski on Wednesday, December 20 at 10 a.m. PT. A replay of the webinar will also be available on demand following the live session.

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