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Start Using Kubernetes on AWS with the Official Tectonic AWS Integration

kube aws

Next week we will be heading to AWS re:Invent, but before we get there we made it one step simpler to start using Kubernetes on AWS. Today we are announcing an official Tectonic AWS integration. Those interested in using Kubernetes on AWS can simply use the Tectonic AWS Installer, available through the Tectonic Preview, or use the do-it-yourself guide to running Kubernetes on AWS published today.

The AWS Installer is made of a CloudFormation for launching Kubernetes on AWS, as well as kube-aws, a tool that assists in automating your cluster deployment and makes it easy to configure end-user tools like kubectl. This cluster setup is subject to regular conformance testing and is officially supported via Tectonic.

To start experiencing the power of Kubernetes on AWS, it is as simple as signing up for the Tectonic Preview, launching the AWS Installer, and configuring the Tectonic software. Currently Tectonic is in Tectonic Preview which is available for people to try out for no cost until general availability. Tectonic is the simplest way to run your containers in production, providing businesses with a consistent environment to manage applications in containers from dev/test to cloud to data center.

"As Amazon Web Services is among the most prevalent cloud infrastructures in the market, support for Kubernetes container management and orchestration on AWS will help a growing number and type of companies attain greater speed and efficiency through cloud and containers," said Jay Lyman, Research Manager, 451 Research. "The application container trend and ecosystem, timed with growing cloud adoption, is rapidly transforming the way infrastructure and applications are managed with Kubernetes on AWS serving as a prime example."

If you aren't ready to get started with Tectonic, try following our do-it-yourself guide to running Kubernetes on AWS. For more information please see the CoreOS blog.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Kubernetes on AWS or interested in experiencing a consistent environment from dev/test, to cloud to data center, we invite you to meet with us at our booth (#1449) at AWS re:Invent next week.