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Tectonic Meets Nutanix

Over the past few days I have been in Miami attending the Nutanix .NEXT conference to demo Tectonic on Nutanix and meet with people who are interested in learning about the benefits of containers, distributed computing, and decoupling appications from machines.

I wrote more about this on the Nutanix blog. While we are just at the beginning, when Tectonic couples with Nutanix it will accelerate application development and deployment by further abstracting applications with Linux containers. Developers and ops people will benefit from new levels of freedom and flexibility, and Operations teams will discover a path to higher levels of resource utilization and enhanced security from painless updates.

Our demo yesterday is just the start of our partnership with Nutanix. We were also excited to see CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi speak in the closing keynote panel today on the new enterprise IT stack. He also spoke with theCUBE's David Vellante and Stu Miniman about the new way of running infrastructure and Tectonic.



As we move onward, we look forward to working with Nutanix to continue enabling new levels of speed and efficiency on trusted computing platforms. Thanks to Nutanix for a great event and the Beats headphones!