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Tectonic Sandbox: the easy way to test drive enterprise-ready Kubernetes

Trying CoreOS Tectonic is now as easy as downloading and installing it to your laptop. Today we are introducing the Tectonic Sandbox, a new way to see for yourself what CoreOS's enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform can do for your business. This new Sandbox joins our existing Tectonic trial experience designed for production use on multiple clouds and environments including AWS, Azure, bare metal, and more.

Tectonic Sandbox is a demonstration and experimentation environment for Tectonic. It's free of charge and runs on your laptop. Simply download and run the installer for Linux, macOS, or Windows and it will take care of the rest. It's the fastest way to get started with Tectonic, complete with enterprise-ready features such as role-based access control (RBAC), Ingress networking, Prometheus-based monitoring, and more .

Screenshot of Tectonic Sandbox
Tectonic Sandbox enables you to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on your local machine

Naturally, there are a few prerequisites. Because you'll be modeling a clustered environment, you'll want at least 8GB of RAM. The Sandbox installer also needs to download around 1.5GB of resources, so you'll want to run it on a fast and reliable internet connection. And before you start, you'll first need to install the Vagrant virtual machine management tool and VirtualBox. Documentation is available to make sure the install runs smoothly.

Start building castles

Once Sandbox is up and running, you'll have access to the easy-to-use Tectonic Console and a locally hosted Kubernetes cluster that's suitable for experimenting. We've also developed a set of tutorials to walk you through the process of deploying, scaling, monitoring, versioning, and updating sample applications on your demo cluster.

We think you'll agree that Tectonic is the fastest and most reliable way to get applications deployed and running on Kubernetes. And because Tectonic is always based on pure, upstream open source Kubernetes, Tectonic customers gain access to the latest features and patches within weeks of a new Kubernetes release.

After you've experience the ease of Tectonic with the Sandbox, you can also step up to a full 10-node cluster production-ready Tectonic environment to see the bigger picture, including how Tectonic's automated operations enable one-click updates of the entire Kubernetes environment with zero downtime for your applications. Tutorials are available to help get you started on AWS or Azure.

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