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VMware Ships rkt and Supports App Container Spec

Today VMware shipped rkt, the application container runtime, and made it available to VMware customers in Project Photon. VMware also announced their support of the App Container spec, of which rkt is the first implementation.

“VMware is happy to provide rkt to offer our customers application container choice. rkt is the first implementation of the App Container spec (appc), and we look forward to contributing to the appc community to advance security and portability between platforms.”

— Kit Colbert, vice president and CTO, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware

We are thrilled to welcome VMware into the appc and rkt communities. The appc specific was formed to create an industry standard of how applications should be deployed in containers, with a focus on portability, composability, and security. rkt is a project originated by CoreOS to provide a production-ready Linux implementation of the specification.

VMware's extensive experience with running applications at scale in enterprise environments will be incredibly valuable as we work together with the community towards a 1.0 release of the appc specification and the rkt project.

Join us on our mission to create a secure, composable and standards-based container runtime. We welcome your involvement and contributions to rkt and appc: