CoreOS Community

Share and learn from CoreOS users around the world

Join CoreOS in the open source movement towards a modern infrastructure. Together, let’s change the way servers run and make the Internet more reliable and secure. Find a meetup in your area, host a meetup of your own, contribute to CoreOS and get answers to your CoreOS questions.

Community Meetups

Connect with local CoreOS users and developers to learn from each other, share tricks and show off your CoreOS Container Linux clusters. Want to host a meetup of your own? Email us if we can help support you in your efforts.

Mailing Lists & IRC

#coreos on Freenode (Archives)

Ideal for real-time help or collaboration

CoreOS-user Mailing List

General questions, strategies and troubleshooting

CoreOS-dev Mailing List

Hacking on CoreOS itself and using the SDK

CoreOS News Mailing List

Stay up to date on CoreOS events, news and community announcements.

Contributing to CoreOS

CoreOS consists of many separate open source projects which combine together to create the operating system you know and love.

Popular projects: etcd and rkt

Full list of CoreOS repositories

Upcoming Events

If you’re hosting a CoreOS meetup or related event, let us know and we’ll help support you and spread the word!