CoreOS Tectonic Data Policy

Why does CoreOS collect billing metrics?

Tectonic's pricing is determined, in part, by the number of Kubernetes nodes within a cluster. For each cluster, information about each Kubernetes node is collected in order to facilitate billing and support. For example, this information can be used to send notifications if purchased limits have been exceeded or it can be accessed by the CoreOS support team to do initial triage of support issues.

This information is never shared outside of CoreOS. For more details, see the full CoreOS Master Subscription and Services Agreement.

What billing data is collected?

The following list details the types of data collected and the purpose:

Billing Telemetry

  • Tectonic Account ID
  • Random Generated Cluster ID
  • Node Count
  • Cloud Provider

Support Telemetry

  • OS Version
  • Kubernetes Version
  • Kubelet Version
  • Container Engine Version

Billing Telemetry for Future Use

  • Total Memory per Node
  • Total Pod Capacity per Node
  • Total CPUs per Node
  • Total GPUs per Node

Periodically the Tectonic Stats Collector running on-cluster will send a payload with these metrics to the stats collector endpoint located at

Additional metrics may be added to this list in response to supportability and billing changes of the product. Questions or concerns may be directed to